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Week 3: iifym and 31

This week was my birthday. I was thankful I made it another year on this journey of life with Cody. 31 was harder for me than 30. When I turned 30 I was excited and determined that in my 30s I would be on a mommy mission/ a healthy mission/ growing into womanhood mission. Then I turned 31 ans felt like I failed. Not because I hadn't been on the tracks I set forth for myself, but because I didn't achieve what I wanted the most. 

31 has big shoes to fill! I'm looking forward to that adventure and seeing where I am next year at this time!

I'm so thankful I have Cody to rememid me that every time we (my words only) "fail" we are one step closer to our goal-- he's right, and I have to hang on to that. It's funny how life works- I found out that we weren't successful this cycle...on my birthday. Yeah. 

Then I had cake and a bunch other crap that I ate only because that's what I used to eat-when feeling down and out-- and it wasn't even that good, now that I think about it. 

Which leads us to week 3 on iifym. Ugh. I was good part of the week and some parts of days. 

Then some days I didn't eat nearly enough calories because I ate things like: 1/2 a waffle cone from sonic- (don't try it...not worth it) a piece of cake and a scoop of ice cream at a faculty meeting ( wasn't worth it, I really wanted chocolate so why did I cheat with vanila) dinner out for my birthday at a restaurant that was convienent for both hubby and I (he was in galveston and it would have taken him 2 hrs to get home so we just met somewhere) I really wanted, well heck I don't know. Diet coke- and it doesn't even taste great anymore, and lastly pizza. 

I was sick this week, tired, feeling down, it was my birthday and I only calculated some days. It's okay! I'm going to press reset and get back on the ball! 

I am happy to report that my scale didn't go bonkers with all that going on! I only gained a 1/2 pound! Not too shabby for me! 

I revisited my goals page this morning and just as the crisp air blew in over here in BIG A, I am revitalized for a new week! 

I never celebrated my 5 pound loss so today I'm going to do that and buy some pretty new shaker cups for spark and protien shakes! Plus I NEED a Pumpkin Spice Latte with my girl Kel- which hopefully will keep me on track until I reach my 10 lb goal! I think it's good for me to make goals, revisit them and keep them in front of me! It's also nice to have a partner in this and Cody has been a great help cooking and meal prepping when I don't feel like it! 

I am considering (now that I know I'm not pregnant and we are taking a break from fertility meds) doing a 10 day cleanse with Advocare to just get the junks from the past out of my body!

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