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If It Fits Your Macros: Week 1 Results

So I logged in to (if it fits your macros) and completed my calculations. A few years ago thanks to an online friend, Erika, I finally learned that eating minimal calories 1000-1200 is NOT enough to sustain anyone unless you want to drop weight fast, lose all your muscle first and have extra Didn't think so! 

While doing the Jamie Eason live-fit meal plan I do not count calories- I simply eat what my options are on her list. But this summer I hurt my back at the gym and stopped working I added back some already lost weight. (About 10 lbs from my lowest last December). 

I've been following blogger skinny meg on Facebook and IG and after her baby she started documenting her success with iifym! I also follow several others that have had success with it!

Basically, you go to After you calculate your starting weight and goal weight it gives you your BMR (which I believe is your base line caloric intake you need to function) from there you can choose how quickly you want to gain (bodybuilding) or lose!

 It gives you macronutrients needed for the day--and to most womens' suprise it's going to be higher than you think. I've been eating this caloric range since 2012- around September but obviously have eaten more at times too, thus gaining weight! It also gives you your grams needed for weightloss in PROTEIN-FATS-CARBS.

It's a simple equation!  Then head on over to myfitnesspal and plug in your numbers! Now they may not be exact (because myfitness pal calculates in percentages of 5) but you can gage it!  

Go here:

At the bottom go to MORE
 Then goals
Then click on carbohydrates- this will bring up the macronutrients and you can adjust from there, see:

And if you aren't eating .5-1.0 grams of protien per your body weight don't expect to keep hard earned muscle or look toned! Muscle is always the first to go when you eat below your needed amount each day!

So after a fun summer of half working out and half laying around, I started at 186.5 the day before in service.  Then I went back for teacher in service! Of course we had mexican food, greasy burgers, and tons to candy all week so when I weighed in the following Saturday-- I was definitely up 3 lbs 😬 to 189.0

I wasn't going back to the 190s- haven't been there since 2011 - NOT doing it. 

And here's the deal- I can eat 1600 calories of M&M's, Starbucks, Taco Bell, and pizza- but what is that doing for my body? Or I can eat this type of food- filled with protein- and have great results that maintain all my hard earned muscle: 

I stuck to my macros and tried my hardest to get my protein, fat, and carbs on point each day. I took the week off from the gym- because well, it was the first week of school and I was low on energy and my back was hurting. 

Saturday morning came- my weigh in day. I was so curious to see what it would be... And then I weighed in and saw this: 

After 7 days of iifym I lost 5 pounds! That's a great start to something new! Am I proud of that weight? No but yes. I still have about 30 lbs to lose but I'm no where near where I was at my heaviest. I know that number means I have a lot of muscle, a big brain (lol) amongst other things... But it also means I can improve! 

So after our weekend cheat meal, I'm
back to iifym today and excited to see what next Saturday's weigh-in will bring! 

Post questions in comments if you have them! Here's to a new week of fun recipies and healthy meals!

-Annie B


  1. Yay Anna!!! I've been debating doing this. Fear of overeating. May have to suck it up and try.

  2. Curious to know if this is still working for you or if you lost the weight you wanted?? I think I want to try it out.