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Godly-Gaudy goes to Goodwill

Happy summer y'all! It is never officially summer without: a day at the beach, lunch with the girls, and of course GOODWILL! Mom called this morning and scored this cute bathing suit cover-up for 3.99!! HOLLA

I just love the bling detail! Super beachy! So I decided after the rain cleared this afternoon to head on over to my goodwill shopping center...and boy, was I in for a treat! 

First of all- I tried on tons of expensive bathing suits at the beach this weekend (have 1 pair of black bottoms and 2 cute tops from several yrs ago that fit, support me, and are modest) but I wanted more! No luck. But sure enough Goodwill had one! Look what I scored today - a cute brown conservative tankini woohoo 

It was only 7.99 AND it had an under-wire!! I can't believe it! And it was separate but the same brand so she sold it to me as a set!!!

Then I moseyed on over to the dresses and that's where I hit the jackpot! I found this cute Daisey Fuentes (from kohls) 
It is so soft and comfy for a summer mass or a day out with the girls! 

I also tried on this cute ivory lace dress- xiloration brand from Target: 
I thought of how many cute Lia Sophia pieces would go with this ! Love the zipper detail too on the back:

Then I picked up this adorable top - thinking I could wear it for a night out on the town with the hubby - paired with skinny jeans 
 It's a pretty risque for me (thanks mom for the spelling help)  but I liked it! 

And then I found this SUPER adorable dress ( too short for me) but paired with skinnys and flats = nautical chic OMG!!

 I couldn't leave this adorable black and white summer dress behind because it made me fee so pretty and it felt so good on! And it had TAGS!!!!
 And the best score of the day was this dress.....

 Size 10 (may I add) and it was a mint, blue, and pink Aztec print...high/ low cut

Isn't it beachy!!??? Lining and all.....

And it had TAGS!!! Never been worn

And Godlygaudygirl's GRAND total for these adorable summer items

(Drum roll please......)

62.71!!! SCORE

Happy shopping y'all!