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10 days of learning

So far I have been eating Weight Watcher style for 10 days. I started March 21st. I am very proud of myself for what I have accomplished. In the past, I would never recognize any accomplishments, be it cooking dinner or folding clothes after a long day at work. But I believe it is necessary to "pat yourself on the back." I realized this today: when the one thing that bothers me the most about me is out of control, everything is out of control. This week I learned that sometimes we have blockages in our lives. If you have a blockage in your life (like most people do) it hinders you from being at your full potential. My blockage is my weight- which causes a chain of other "enablers." This month I noticed that I got more things done and accomplished "small things" cleaning up the kitchen every day, paying bills on time, staying on top of my spending, being more organized with laundry, eating for my health more than eating for my depression. This all make me very happy. As Me Month comes to an end- I challenge you to find the blockage in you life--- one step at at time, the blockage starts to disappear. Have a great day all of you! Speaking of blockages, I have set aside my weekly flex points for ww--- I have chosen to block my arteries on Saturday, Cody and I are going to the fair and I am having a donut burger- (yes, a cheeseburger with two glazed donuts as the bun!) It makes me smile! 23 points of bliss!


All Aboard! Journey 55--- Next stop, Skinnyville USA

Well, I am back on the band-wagon! It's officially my "first day" of Spring Break... and if I don't stop right now and congratulate myself, I will never give myself credit. SO! I got a TON done today- cleaned and organized my house, went to the grocery store, cooked dinner and dessert, cleaned up the kitchen from dinner, balanced my checking account with my hubby and paid bills, and folded clothes, washed clothes, folded clothes! I think I am mighty powerful as a "stay at home wife" (well, on SB and in the summer time anyway!) Go me! Oh, I forgot to mention the most important thing I did today- I started Journey 55. It is my 55 pound journey to weight loss, and I am doing it with the help of Weight Watchers. What better time to join online than now, you get TWO free weeks and after the $55.00 that I paid to start this 55 pound process, a mere $17.95 a month is NOTHING! I am pumped. Not as excited as I have been in the past about starting a diet, but more open-minded, which is probably a good thing--I was sick for so long, that I feel I wasted time, so now I am beyond ready to start feeling better again like I did in January (I know--long time to be sick huh?) I have a real good feeling about starting this healthy eating plan. I have been "dieting" long enough in my life to know that WW is pretty easily adapted to ANY life style and is the most convenient eating plan for life- so with small changes, a WW buddy at work (Gina) and a WW buddy at home (My Mom) a WW buddy on blog spot (Brandi) I should be held accountable wherever I go. Soon I will have another WW buddy- my girlfriend, Steph, but we must wait until baby Mason arrives in April before she can start! So with 3 and almost 4 WW buddies- This journey will be more like a girls trip to Skinny-ville and I am looking forward to it! Peace out- Annie B


SPRINGing back into the swing of things...

  • Spring has sprung! I know you all have been wondering if I fell off the face of the Earth, and well, I kind of did! I was very sick for about 6 weeks. I couldn't get over it! Major Sinus infection, which was causing some pretty bad coughing. I was at home for about 12-15 days trying to get better. I went to the doctor 3 times and finally was referred to the E-N-T for allergies and a blocked sinus cavity! I am finally better but realized, "Hey! I've wasted so much time being sick, I haven't done anything productive. For starters, I lost about 5 pounds, just from being sick- but other than that, I didn't lose any weight. Then I was on so much medication that I didn't really eat regularly, so guess what...I didn't take my Metformin. BOOOO! Bad Annie! Last but not least... I didn't work out at all! Now I'm playing catch up and I am so busy getting my house back to normal and my work stuff done, that I am too tired! But there is hope---
  • As you might know, I am a teacher and next week is SPRING BREAK! WoooOO HooOOOoo!

  • So, I'm taking my days next week to relax and get back into the SPRING of things :0)

  • I have got to start walking and eating better. I have to get back on my meds. I always ask myself, "Is it that you don't want a baby?" "No? WELL GET TO WORK MISSY"! After some quiet time this week, I realized what is stopping me....fear (shhhh) I said it in tiny words because I don't want fear to know that it has got the "best of me."If I lose weight guess what has to happen next, every thing that I have been wanting so long. It is kind of like this-
  • Is losing weight and getting healthy a choice, or a chore? It is a CHOICE! It isn't like unloading the dishwasher, it isn't like paying the electric bill, it isn't like going grocery shopping. It isn't a chore. It is a choice. And right now, I am deliberately choosing to waste my time because I am scared of failing. I am dedicated enough to finish school and teach 125 10th graders in an inner city school. I am brave enough to live in the same town in which the school I was working at slung my name through the mud when I was innocent. I have enough power to not be ashamed to go to counseling and talk about my problems with people that might one day judge me, so why in the HELL am I scared to lose 10,20,30, Heck 60 pounds? Because it is a choice, but it is a choice to do something I've never EVER done.
  • I am so cyclical. I say I am going to do something, I get motivated, then I find excuses when I am stressed or tired. I am A-D-D to my own life. My mom was joking with me the other day saying "You can only focus on one thing at a time, lose weight or work--- but you can't do both." Even though she was joking- SHE WAS RIGHT! I spread myself SO thin to work and relationships, and going and going and going, church, and family, and LIFE that I put ME on the back-burner.
  • So, last week I decided it was ME MONTH- Hell, Me YEAR! As the next thing to sign up for at church came up, I didn't sign up. And as this or that friend called to ask me to do something I declined. As I continued to leave work with my "glass empty" I decided that my husband deserved getting some of my energy every night too, so I started leaving with it "half empty."(baby steps)
  • I'm taking some "chill time" right now. My teaching partner and I are kicking off the return of Spring Break with Weight Watchers---slow and steady wins the race! I think I am going to start during spring break just to get me feeling better...(she can not, she will be at Disney World!) So, I'm spending some good ol' quality time with Annie B. Ill be checking in soon! I hope all is well with you-- even though I haven't been blogging, I've been a blog stalker and I have been checking in with you!