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All Aboard! Journey 55--- Next stop, Skinnyville USA

Well, I am back on the band-wagon! It's officially my "first day" of Spring Break... and if I don't stop right now and congratulate myself, I will never give myself credit. SO! I got a TON done today- cleaned and organized my house, went to the grocery store, cooked dinner and dessert, cleaned up the kitchen from dinner, balanced my checking account with my hubby and paid bills, and folded clothes, washed clothes, folded clothes! I think I am mighty powerful as a "stay at home wife" (well, on SB and in the summer time anyway!) Go me! Oh, I forgot to mention the most important thing I did today- I started Journey 55. It is my 55 pound journey to weight loss, and I am doing it with the help of Weight Watchers. What better time to join online than now, you get TWO free weeks and after the $55.00 that I paid to start this 55 pound process, a mere $17.95 a month is NOTHING! I am pumped. Not as excited as I have been in the past about starting a diet, but more open-minded, which is probably a good thing--I was sick for so long, that I feel I wasted time, so now I am beyond ready to start feeling better again like I did in January (I know--long time to be sick huh?) I have a real good feeling about starting this healthy eating plan. I have been "dieting" long enough in my life to know that WW is pretty easily adapted to ANY life style and is the most convenient eating plan for life- so with small changes, a WW buddy at work (Gina) and a WW buddy at home (My Mom) a WW buddy on blog spot (Brandi) I should be held accountable wherever I go. Soon I will have another WW buddy- my girlfriend, Steph, but we must wait until baby Mason arrives in April before she can start! So with 3 and almost 4 WW buddies- This journey will be more like a girls trip to Skinny-ville and I am looking forward to it! Peace out- Annie B


  1. LOVE IT, good luch girl! I know you have the determination to move mountin and you will do great with WW. Just remember t take a day at a time and don't give up! Miss ya

  2. Kim, thank you for the positive words- so far so good today! I'll try to keep you updated :)

    Miss you too-- a year is TOO long to go without seeing someone!

  3. Yay Annie! I look at your pictures and I have no clue where the 55 pounds is hiding, my extra weight does not hide at all! I'm really excited for you and enjoy your spring break:)