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AdvoCare 24 day Challenge Results

Well, I am back everyone! I completed my AdvoCare 24 day Challenge and had awesome results! My challenge took me a few more than 24 days since I missed some days on my MAX phase, but none the less, I completed it! I feel great, I love the compliments, and I have tons of energy! I feel like my BIG GOAL of 43 lbs lost  is in sight-- with only 29 lbs to go !

                 September 2012                  May 2013
         Sample Dinner: spinach and strawberry salad, tilapia, peas, and brown rice

Toning out- feeling great: 

What's life, without a treat every once  in a while: 

Here are my non scale victories:

My workouts are finally improving-- I shaved off 3 minutes from my 2 mile run

I have absolutely NO craving or want for diet coke

I am toner and leaner

I wake up feeling awesome

I am working out about 4-6 times a week, depending on what pops up in my schedule

I am lifting more at the gym

I am currently drinking anywhere from 90-120 ounces of water a day, where before I rarely drank water in 1 week!

I have lost some major inches in 30 days!

Now, for the numerical victories:

I am down 7 lbs with the help of the AdvoCare products, my hard freaking work in the gym, and my clean eating

I am down a total of 14 lbs since my heaviest weight (I was already losing before I started AdvoCare-- just the same 5-7 lbs over and over again!)

I am down a whopping-------

*****Drumroll please................







9 1/4 INCHES!


chest- 41 inches
arms- 12 1/4 inches each
waist-37 inches
hips- 47 inches
thigh- 25 inches each
calf-16 inches each

AFTER (30 days later)

chest- 40 1/4 inches (lost 3/4 inches)
arms- 12 inches each (lost 1/4 in each arm, 1/2 inch total)
waist- 36 inches (lost 1 inch)
hips- 46 inches (lost 1 inch)
thigh- 23 inches each (lost 2 inches in each, 4 inches total)
calf- 15 inches each (lost 1 inch in each, 2 total inches)

I am going to continue to do the MAX phase, eat clean and workout 4-6 times a week. This is the first time since my pageant days back in 2003 that I actually lost weight on a product, and the first time I have ever been able to cut my addiction to diet coke. I am so happy that with AdvoCare I can continue the majority of the products if I get pregnant, because who wouldn’t want to feel awesome the rest of their life?

Visit my blog tomorrow, where I will give you a link to my instagram, for my BEFORE and AFTER PICS from the 24 day AdvoCare Challenge! To read about my 10 day cleanse on the 24 day AdvoCare Challenge, Click HERE.

Have a SpArKtAsTic DaY!