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Busy Bee

I have been overly busy. So busy that I feel like I did 10 years ago when I was in college. Oh, wait. I am :/ I am currently working on getting my Master's Degree in School Counseling. This is a bridge move to what I really want to do, and that is become an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). My dream job would be to stay at home with my children and work part time as an LPC. Okay, but really, with no kiddos and no master's yet, I am setting that on the 5 yr list. Not that I will have a nervous breakdown if I am not there in 5 years or anything (I have had PLENTY of those in the last almost 3 of trying). Speaking of that- October makes 3 years of us deciding that we are going to live as The Church teaches, being open to life. I am sad that we weren't thoroughly involved in our faith the first 1-2 years of our marriage, but, HEY, we are all sinners and are all on a journey! I often wonder what life would be like if we had children like some of our friends and schoolmates do, and then I just cannot imagine it. On our way to crabbing last weekend, I looked in the back seat, and then asked Cody, "Could you imagine what it would be like if we got pregnant right after we got married? We would have a kindergartener!" I can't understand what that would be like and what maybe we would be doing, but I know HE has a plan!

About a month ago, prayers were answered for our family. I sat at my desk with my head down, and talked with God. I said, LORD, put us where you want us to be. Open the door wide open if the next step for my husband is YOUR WILL, or LORD, even though it might sting, shut the door. We are waiting and listening. 24 hours later, He shut the door alright. And it slammed. I never worried one bit. I never got disturbed or sad. I was actually smiling when the door shut, because it was an answered prayer! 5 days later, another door opened. A more beautiful door—a door that fits our "home" better. God not only answered our prayer, he gave my husband an opportunity of a life time, an opportunity to work for a God centered place that instills values in their managers. We are so thankful for that! I then looked up to God and I said, I get it now, you needed to take away, bring something better, and settle our family before the next step, and I find great comfort in that, especially with the TTC stuff!

Other life changes have kept us busy too, one being getting back on the ball with fitness and health. By the grace of God, I have been content with my infertility. I think the TTC group can understand this rollercoaster I am describing. And right now, I am okay. We do, however, want to use our time wisely and definitely want to get this PCOS weight off! My husband is my biggest fan and he is right there with me as we attempt (for the 3rd time since May) to complete C25k (Couch 2 5k)! We got all the way to week 3, but back tracked in late May when we had some life changes! We are back at it and doing GREAT! After reading some in my theories class, I have realized that running is the number one method of therapy (meditation being number two) and together, we will be getting fit and healthy and will push each other to train, even on the days we "don't wanna."

Also, I am teaching summer school, not because I applied or anything, but because on the last day of school, after our teacher luncheon, I received a call. They needed someone to teach and even though every bone in my body said no, I excitedly said YES! So, as pull myself out of bed each morning, and unenthusiastically find clothes to wear that look acceptable and comfortable, I crankily drive my car to Ozen and pull in. I get out, walk 2.5 miles to the door, and plaster on fakeness. But hey, God wanted me to have it for SOME reason; after all I didn't even seek the job!

Have a rockin' summer y'all!