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Exciting Updates Everyone

  • "Wow" is how I am going to begin this post. Although I am internally speechless, I have news to shout from the mountain tops! I have been officially diagnosed with my PCOS and we have a TREATMENT PLAN! Long story short- it is very possible that we could be pregnant by the end of August (Metformin/Letrozol/Surgery/Luck). Okay okay! If you are like me, you want A.L.L. off the details! Here goes:
  • After 20 months of planning our family unsuccessfully, we decided that we would seek more progressive methods and visit a fertility specialist. Thank goodness we did. I almost have been saying to myself, "If only I would have done this last year..." Dr. Schnell, from Houston, Texas- who also works out of an office close to our home, has been treating us. At our first appointment, we discussed our max options, looked over my horrible symptoms from the past few years, and planned out "our plan" to fix me. I did not think I could be fixed, I never dreamed of anyone figuring out exactly what was wrong with me, but she did. After our discussions, we did an ultrasound and a culture and we talked about what was going on "in there." She noticed that one of my ovaries was VERY high, however that wasn't the problem hindering us from babies. It was structural, but also, hormonal. She noticed a small polyp on my uterus. This was the cause for all of my bleeding the last year (and we are talking non-stop bleeding for months and months and months at a time)! She also noticed that my cervix was inflamed and we are getting that under control. But here is what really excited me- she noticed that I have two very large ovaries, one not dominate than the other, both filled with fabulous-ready-to-be-fertilized eggs, and lots of follicles! No blockages, no Endo, nothing else hindering us except a darn polyp and my hormones.
  • Here is what is about to happen- On July 22, 2011, I am having out patient surgery so that Dr. Schnell can take out the cyst. ONE WEEK-- yea, I said it- ONE WEEK from my surgery date, we will go in for post op. appointment. She will then make sure I am fine, and give me medication to start my cycle and also put me on (2) 500 ER Metformin pills (to be taken from day 1 of cycle, until my I finish my first trimester) During cycle days 3-7 I will take Letrozole (INN, trade name Femara) 3x's a day. On about cycle day 12 we will go in for an HCG trigger shot to make sure that my body knows what to do....OVULATE! I haven't ovulated since January 31st, so this is exciting! On cycle days 14-16 we will make sure to be baby dancing (however I am not limiting it to just those days) because, really- what if I ovulate sooner/later, right! On Cycle day 21 we will check my levels, I think she said something about giving me a shot of progesterone or something like that. On day 28 we will go back in to her office for a pregnancy test, hoping and praying that if it is God's Will, we see TWO PINK LINES! If not, we will make decisions from there, as far as how many more medicated cycles, when will we do the next, etc... Our cycles are very pricey, along with the initial surgery cost, so we will see. If 2-3 medicated cycles do not work, we will not be seeking any other progressive methods. For now, I am okay with that.
  • So as I laid on the medical table yesterday, I realized- I am at the end of this very long stressful and confusing journey, but I am about to start a new one. It will be stressful and long and confusing too, but it will be worth it in the end. Wish us luck and as always, your prayers are appreciated. xoxo annie