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My Classroom

This year I changed schools and with change, came some revamping and redecorating! A lot of the decor I had was over 8 yrs old and was given to me through the years-and some of it was still in good shape but eh, after 8 yrs it was time for a refresh button! 

Hey, for an ID pic-- this is pretty good, right!??

I went to Mardel Christian store in League City the weekend my nephew was born and shopped 'till I dropped! 

The school year has been busy, and I didn't get around to decorating everything and didn't get a good flow in my room (of supplies, composition book drawers, paper turn in trays, etc...) until just about 2 weeks ago!

After that I was busy day and night, bell to bell, alarm clock to lights out- and never had time to get it looking brighter!

Then I found a moment! My color scheme is based of school colors (purple) and I added black and white, yellow, and lots of chevron!! Many of my posters are colorful, so I feel like my room is a mix of mod and rainbow bright... Which is totally fine by me! Take a look at what I snapped:

View from my desk:

Other side:

ELPS board, really for all kiddos:

More mature (than what I org had and brighter too) thanks Kel!!!

Projector and assignment board! Gotta keep those kids responsible for their work!!

Before sticky notes:

During: (kiddos fill out periodically at end of lesson)

Window with my chevron print material:

Fabrics from hobby lobby:

Princess Mrs. Castillo- who feels like the teacher she used to be!

BTW look at this awesome love note I got from the librarian- she's pretty fantastic-- love her and all my co workers!!

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  1. I love it! And those class rules look vaguely familiar��