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If It Fits Your Macros: Week 2 Results

Week 2 of iifym went pretty good! I definitely learned a valuable lesson: when I'm stressed, my cortisol rises and I eat. I love my job and I'm so thankful for it. If it wasn't for a great learning experience last year, I wouldn't be able to appreciate all the little details at Dayton High. It's a great place to work!

I did have a mild stressor on Friday afternoon. Just normal teacher business, and new age challenges with my special ed kiddos, but it sent my cortisol through the roof. Why I decided a Mcdonalds cheeseburger, some cookies, and a diet coke would fix that, totally not sure! It made it all worse because I felt horrible!

All week I kept in my macros (but I also had a few days where I went a few grams over on fats) and I was determined to stay on track. Every afternoon I had commitments so working out was out of the picture. Then Friday afternoon came and I gave into stress. After work, my hubby steered me back to reality and went running with me - on a Friday. On the 2nd week of school. Yea, all you teachers/school emplyees out there give me props okay!!!

I was bummed since weigh-in day was Saturday and wanted to give in and eat poorly. But I didnt! We ran and then made grilled fish and broiled veggies! Totally not want I wanted but I ate it! My pregnancy hormones had me hating salt this month so that's been hard too! All I want is Italian food or chocolate....great! Lol

Some other cool things I ate this week that cured my cravings were: 

Ezekiel, 1 tblsp Nutella, 1/2 banana... YUM!

But most mornings this is what I usually eat:

For lunch I meal prepped turkey burgers and some days I had salad, some days I had beanitos and fresh salsa, etc:

One night I was craving pizza, so I made mini chicken pizza and it was yummy too. I popped that bad boy in the toaster and voilá! 

Totally worth the 285 calories v. The 2085 from an entire dominos pizza I dreamed of LOL!

This was a good week but I know where I can be better next week! 1. I need to watch my fat intake more. 2. I need to cool down on the after school commitments and appointments so that I can make my 3:30 date with the gym! 3. I need to get a little more sleep! 

I was surprised on Saturday to see a loss! I wasn't expecting it after the cheeseburger rediculous-ness but I am human so... Things happen!

I woke up Saturday to this: 

And you know what- go ME! I'm on pregnancy hormones, I'm in the 2nd week of work, and I ate off plan- and still managed to lose 1/2 a pound from last week! 

With my goal list in mind and meal planing today, I'm looking forward to next Saturday's weigh in! I'm hoping to see 181 but I'll take any loss! As of right now I am down 6 lbs from the start of the school year! 

Another great thing I got to share this week is a moment with a fellow co worker that also has PCOS- she didn't know you could treat PCOS without metformin! 

I told her that I've only taken metformin for about a week my entire life! I've reversed most of my effects and the size of my ovaries ( I know right it's a miracle) with food and exercise alone! (We were talking about why I meal prep and skip the lean cuisines) I told her natural foods of the right type can fix you,  but it takes persistence and patience!

I woke up sick Saturday so I am just now blogging. Thank you Lord for sending me a husband to take care of me, especially since mom and dad are far away! He made me a hot toddy and I woke up a new woman y'all! I did not track what I ate yesterday because I slept the majority of the day and I was very dizzy. But I did eat. 

We had a cheat breakfast this morning at Whataburger since we couldn't go out last night. It was okay, I think I really wanted what I've been craving more- Ezekiel French toast (using egg white and almond milk)! Maybe next Saturday!

Clean eating meal ideas? I eat the same thing for lunch all the time- leave a comment if you have an easy fav! 

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