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Red Ribbon Week

This week we said "NO!" To drugs at DHS! It was actually the first week I ever really tried to participate in! I even planned outfits lol! 

Monday was "Give drugs the boot" so I wore these cuties (we also had permission to wear jeans- HOLLA) 

  Tuesday was (and I quote this spelling) "Too brite for drugs" wear neon/shades. Now all the kids told me I spelled "brite" wrong... Duh kids, I know it's b-r-i-g-h-t- but that's what the email said, so.... I guess you can spell it two ways LOL. No jeans this day so I paired my neon with polka dot dress pants:

Wednesday was (ironically) "Peace out drugs" wear 60s and 70s clothing. Then some kid blurted out in class, "But Miss... That's dumb, why would we dress like that, didn't hippies do hard-core drugs..." And I'm over here thinking (why do you have to be this smart and yea, let's change the subject LOL)! I wore my cute dress from Boutique Twenty-7 in Silsbee! 

I paired it with neon leggings, a flower headband, and flats! Everyone loved it:
My flower headband is super cute and I might start wearing those types of trendy accessories more often, I loved how girlie it was! Lia Sophia Panorama necklace and Rhumba earrings really pulled this look off!
Hot pink leggings were from Wal-Mart!

I so need a full length mirror LOL I had to get the full shot in a mall bathroom (yea don't judge me)

Thursday was "pop- star, character, superhero day" basically...getting a way with wearing our Halloween costumes - fine by me!  The teachers in the English department at my school each chose a pop star, and I chose Miranda Lambert... 
Thanks to Kelly I had some awesomely HOTT boots!!
I had a long lace skirt that I wore as a dress so that you could see the boots! 

Thanks to my coworker Aimee, I had a cute cowgirl hat:

My other co-worker Amy was.... You guessed it.... MILEY CYRUS ha ha ha! Spot on!

Then I found out some kid called me "fat Miranda Lambert" and I was all like, "yea... I agree, tell me something I don't know!" Which didn't bother me at first but now does, so I'm drinking to that comment tonight  **CHEERS**

Wish I had a cotton candy cosmo FOR sure! 

Friday was "Senior day" where we could wear school colors or a shirt promoting one of our seniors (because it's senior night tonight at the FB game). I kept it classy and wore this (purplish) kimono:

Super fun and got it for 10.00 from the Francesca's sale rack!! HOLLA! Everyone loved it!

Then after work, I did what any "fat Miranda Lambert" would do, and I thoroughly enjoyed a .50 corn dog from Sonic! 

It was a fun week! Here's to a new month! October was full of fun, challenge, and change. 

Hmmm wonder what November will bring? 

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