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iifym: The Lucky 7

I need to remember this- I can go the distance. I have not been 100% on iifym because when work or stress gets in the way I usually just stop, or eat, or totally give up. But for some reason, despite the below attitude... Iifym was in my favor for this weeks loss!

I could totally eat pizza on the daily! 

My back is back to 100% and to be honest I'm scared to lift. Since July, this is the first time I've had full range moment with zero pain I know if I lift and my back starts hurting, I'll have to see a real back doctor and not just a chiropractor for treatment. 

I have been eating less, not counting my food, but semi-tracking in my head. I need to spend more time on my tracking and planning, but we were kind of poor for a week and had to eat what we had and not what was on plan. That's kind of the awesome thing about iifym- if you eat in your budget of macros it's okay. I mean you can have brownie or a slice of pizza, as long as it doesn't turn into a daily temptation--- like mine started to with corndogs...I know???? I would prefer my macros be based on healthy, clean foods, because you actually get MORE food each time you eat, than, for example, if you ate 1 piece of pizza and a brownie for lunch! 

Today Is the last day of the 7th week of school. I decided to weigh-in today and I was happy to see that despite my poor planning I had actually lost. I weighed in at 180.5!

That means, in 7 weeks, I've lost a grand total of 8.5 lbs!! I'm very close to my 10 lb goal (1.5 lbs left) I'm going to be very excited the day that comes because Kelly and I are going to have venti pumpkin spice whatever at Starbucks! 

And she's pretty fabulous! God put her smack dab in front of my journey and I'm so thankful to actually get to work with her at DISD and have our 5 a.m. chats via text! She's a great friend, and we needed each other! 

In other news- I set a goal to make 166 my number by Jan. 1st--slow and steady may take the win! Currently that is 14.5 lbs away and I have 12 weeks to accomplish it! I'm excited and looking forward to that moment as well. I'm a little worried fertility medicine will make me gain more in the next few months but I'm giving that to God and going to try my best!

In brighter news, I really love fall- but I was totally thinking of spring this past weekend and how awesome it would be to use the space I have in my apartment and not just for decorating/ I mean to really LIVE in the space. So, I want to make our patio an extension of our livingroom, adding patio lights, a small outdoor rug, a bench, maybe some outdoor curtains, and this (come spring) 

I want a place we can sit and relax with coffee or wine or a friend! Super cute and since we cook with fresh herbs, why not just grow 'em! We could hang it over the storage door that currently holds a wreath! So not only will it look pretty but it will also serve a real purpose!

Also I had a wonderful moment at work this week, being recognized for teacher appreciation at the girls volleyball game (each athlete chose their favorite teacher)
I was chosen by Brooke, in my 2nd period and she got me an awesome goody basket and this super sweet letter 


Overall I had a great week, made it closer to my first 10 pound goal, and I'm looking forward to a busy weekend (oh-- and being off next Wednesday for the local fair)! Really keeping my fingers crossed for another 1.5 gone next weigh-in!

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