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Jamie Eason Phase 1 recap

So in December I began Phase 1 of the Jamie Eason LiveFit program-- you can watch her intro video if you click here

I started the program during the holidays like a dummy-- AND IT WAS HARD (while all my coworkers ate treats and we had party, after party, after party....then.....On December 25, my hubby got sick and had emergency surgery. 

That especially threw me for a loop. Although during the month of December-- through all of that- I stayed on pretty much on track for about 3 weeks. In January, I was off track 2 weeks. Basically, I did week 1-2 of the program, messed up, so I did week 1-2 again, messed up, took a break, then jumped back in to week 3-4. SO-I am totally back on track and doing better! I just finished the first phase (weeks 1-4 on Sunday 2/2/14).

I did weigh myself before phase 1 and after phase 1- my weight did not change much (-.5 lbs) but my physique and inches did. In fact, some people gain in phase 1 because you are growing muscles-- but all that work shows in phase 3 when you are doing a lot of cardio and your fat starts to melt, those muscles really start popping out! I did tell myself after phase 1, that I would not be returning to the scale until the end of phase 2 (4 weeks) and the end of phase 3 (8 weeks from now) just because it plays with your mind, especially when you feel great, but the number hasn't moved anywhere but UP! CLICK HERE to see what phase 1 is all about!

This is a different program-- it's not like counting calories and doing a little cardio-- and if that's where you are, that is great! I think as long as we are moving and making better choices, we are headed in the right direction! This is all about changing your body through phases (muscle building, muscle sculpting, leaning out) and since I am in a different place now, this program caught my eye. In 2012 I fell in love with running and paleo, then I turned into a strength trainer mid 2013. Something about lifting weights makes me feel strong, when everything else in my life is falling apart. When my infertility makes me feel like I  am not a real woman, weights make me feel like a powerhouse

Biggest challenges: working out when no one else was-- it could have been freezing rain, and I went. Also, lunch with co-workers...Chickfila and a diet coke looks BOMB.COM when you are eating lean protein, complex carbs, veggies and water.

Biggest surprise: learning how to cook healthy versions of my favorite treats with my hubby, like skinny chicken enchiladas 

enjoying my Sunday grocery trips, and discovering new muscles-- in shirts.....

I know right!?!?

Just saw my shoulder muscles for like the first time ever this week!!!! 

Didn't realize they were there until hubby pointed them out! Hello shoulder boulders LOL!

Biggest goals: to lose 10 lbs by the end of phase 2 (now that I have added cardio in 4x a week) and to only stick with PLANNED cheat meals (Valentine's day cheat will be at Spaghetti Warehouse mmmmm)

Some of my staples through this program were:

Jamie Eason Turkey Muffins
Jamie Eason Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread
MRM Whey Protein
Egg whites and Ezekiel Bread
3 Bean Chicken Chili
Organic Turkey Spaghetti with Barilla Plus noodles

Here is a sample day of what I eat , and I change my menu by the week- and if you CLICK HERE you can see the entire food list.
  • Breakfast: 5 egg whites/ 1 piece of Ezekiel with natural PB/Advocare Spark
  • AM snack: Chobani Plain yogurt with Raspberries and a little truvia 
  • Lunch: Chicken, grilled, with a sweet potato, and salad or green beans
  • In between snack because I get home later some days (larabar or uberbar)
  • PM snack: 2 turkey meatloaf muffins/ Advocare Spark or plain rice cake with PB and carob and banana- just depends on if I want a sweet treat or not!
  • Post-workout: MRM whey protein shake 8oz
  • Dinner: 3 bean chicken chili with avocado and cilantro

I encourage you to look through Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer Program- EVEN IF you are a beginner! She details out the workouts, with pictures and videos, and she gives you a sample menu with added options on her attached food list.

I realized that all it took was a little time planning and scheduling meals, shopping and cooking on Sunday, and I was successful at staying on track when stress came my way. Now I can tell within 30 minutes to an hour when I am eating off plan (my tummy hurts and my energy drops).
Life of a prepper:

I am excited about the next 4 weeks as I enter phase 2, and hopefully this phase, I do a little better- since it isn't the holiday season!!

Progress pics- The picture on the left is Dec. 2 the day I started/The picture on the right is the last week of January:


  1. Wow! This is an awesome story! Proud of you and your hard work and determination.

  2. You are doing great! You look wonderful! What an inspiration!

  3. I am proud of you. Keep going. You have my prayers through your journey.