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Throwback Thursday/ New mindset November

Hi. I've been gone a long while- so let me catch you up--

1.Hubby transferred to Houston
2. I got hired at another district/ moved and started at my new school within a two week timeframe
3. I had surgery to have some cysts, lesions, and my partially blocked tubes cleaned out so that we can continue to try for a baby
4. I turned 30
5. I fell off the band wagon of health during August and some of September (6 weeks) but only gained back about 4 lbs! 

So I'm just now comfortable with everything changing to start blogging again! I've missed the blog world oh so much!!

Bye bye to my classroom of 5 years! And surprisingly I cried that day!

And here is what my new school/ classroom looks like:

I am enjoying being a bulldog now, but it was a rocky transition! I'm finally learning all the roads and stores in my new town too! 

But I go home often to visit! 

So now that I've caught you up--- here's what stirred me up tonight:

So, everybody knows it's TBT (throwback Thursday) where you post old pics and reminisce.... Here's what I found in my picture drawer: 
 And then I realized. I have changed. When I saw these photos, I ran into our bedroom. Woke up my napping hubby, and yelled- hey look!! I really don't look this way anymore- holy cheese cake - I have changed- OMG!!!

Although my journey has been tough, it's not over. My journey is a little more challenging than most, since my body acts insulin resistant, among other symptoms of PCOS- but it's okay- because I'm learning along the way-

How to make healthy organic smoothies:

How to cook healthy when I'm alone instead of driving thru somewhere: 

And most of all, I am learning so much about who that person was, and how much I've gained! 

I've gained muscle

Dedication, day after day in the gym- lifting and doing cardio

And self confidence...

 I've gained a realization that I am worth every choice because "I decide" I am strong, worth it, beautiful inside  regardless of my life choices, and I am going to mess up but it's okay!

When I look back at the old me- I see a lot of pain, hurt, and swolleness that allowed food to fill the empty hole in my life of not having a child. And as I looked at those TBT photos today- I have to give it to myself, (as hubby always says) "You're healthier than you've been in a really long time babe."

Because now--mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually... I am. I have to do all that is in me, for me, and if along the way baby Castillo pops up, then awesome. And sadly, if not, then I can live with no regrets- knowing I did all that I could to be healthy. 

Here's to the journey! We begin the fertility ride again soon, so please keep us in your prayers! 

- Annie B

PS - duke and ruby are adjusting well!


  1. Thank you for this uplifting and inspirational story! Love it! (Glad you're back writing!!! )And the cute pics!! Major changes=AWESOMNESS!!

  2. Thanks ^^^ such a sweet comment!

  3. Way to go...What an inspiration..You are awesome..

  4. Awesome! You have a really cute blog. I found it while I researching Mantillas. I've decided to start wearing one, and your post about it really helped. :) You can read my blog here if you're interested: