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I figured since today was the first official day of summer, and it is the 10th of the month (okay it's not the 10th any more-- I'm totes on summer break and have been shopping for new skinny clothes for Vegas --busy,so I am JUST NOW publishing this! But if it is any consolation, I did type it on the 10th) so why not start a new tradition? Godly Gaudy Girl's Top 10 Favorite Things! Every 10th of the month, I will post a new "Favorite Things" list! Enjoy!! Share!! Add to my list in the comments below!! (This month, they are not in any particular order).

10. Brita Bottle- I am loving it! Hubby bought it for me since I drink like a case at work/case at home each week! He told me I was basically ruining the planet. It has a filter and is dishwasher safe! I fill it up with cold water from the water fountain at school, and the nasty chlorine tasting water, is all of a sudden as refreshing as bottled water! 

9. Fruit Punch Spark- Spark is an AdvoCare product. It fuels your workouts and your mornings. Every morning of the year, I used to go to Sonic to get a large diet coke. Not any more! I make my Spark. It controls my cravings for breads, sweets, and soda. I mix it in my blender bottle with ice and water and YUM! 

8. ItWorks Body Wraps- My friend Karla sells ItWorks Body wraps. I have been using a the wraps about 2 or 3 each month, or whenever I have an all out cheat weekend filled with alcohol, fast food, and candy! They remove the toxins from your body, and the results from the wraps last as long as you keep working out and eating healthy. Before I even started working out and eating clean and wrapping, my mid section was a 41 (that was late March). Now it has been 3 months of working out, eating right, taking AdvoCare, and wrapping. Now my mid section is 35 inches-- Not perfect, but progress! That's a 6 inch loss in just my stomach area! I've kept off my inches from my first wrap, and lost more. With anything, when you continue a lifestyle of toxic food, you will not see results. I just wrapped my thighs last night and had amazing results! Starting measurements:
above knee: 20
mid thigh: 24 1/2
upper thigh: 28

10 hours after wrapping:
above knee: 19
mid thigh: 23 1/2
upper thigh: 27

*you can wrap every 72 hours, or 1 x a week is recommended. Focusing on specific areas for 1 box at a time is also recommended. 4 wraps are in each box. Contact Karla! 

7. Champion Gear Workout Shorts from Target- Awesome is the only word to describe. THEY DO NOT RIDE UP. They are comfortable, and are 18.99. I can wear a large and I am a pant size 14. They have a high waist panel and are light, dri-fit, and come to about an inch above the knee. They make them in 3 lengths too!

6. Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment: Works like a BOSS! While you are at Target getting workout shorts ^^^ pick up this spot treatment! I apply it in the morning, prior to make-up, and at night prior to bed. It doesn't dry out your face and pimple size is diminished in 24 hours.  LOVE!!!

5. Nutella. Need I say more?? I was skeptical about it, didn't like it, and all of a sudden my friend Chasity forced it upon me and NOW, I am addicted. It kind of works like that too. Hubs made fun of me for eating it with a spoon. The next day, I get home from work, and guess what's out on the counter-- empty bag of pizza rolls, and MY NUTELLA!  (He is really gross I know) but now he is addicted! 

4. Maybeline 24 hour Concealer- works awesome, DRYS (which is a major problem with most concealers, so your eyeliner RUNS) and covers GREAT! Good price!

3. Extra Sugar Free Gum- LEMON BAR FLAVOR- it speaks for itself. Awesome exchange for dessert, without the calories! 

2. Banana Boat Protective Tanning Dry Oil- smells great, has SPF, makes your skin awesomely shiny, and accelerates outdoor tanning! Walgreen's was actually running a BOGO 1/2 off when I bought mine! 

1. Miranda Lambert Wines- My favorite all time wine line and "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" White wine is TOTES YUMMY! Specs in Texas carries it-- should be in the Texas wines section, or if you are too lazy like me- ask the clerk (job security)!! 

*Everything is linked up, so just click on the pink titles to see pictures/stores where located!!

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