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Testing, Testing 1-2-3

Testing is the one word that describes my life right now. Seriously y'all.

We're talking testing at work- in the form of getting ready for the LOVELY STAAR Test, the kids-- testing every livin' nerve in my body right now, mock testing that we do just for doing (you get the point).

We're talking life. Life is testing me right now. And it has pretty much won lately. You all know I was doing so great at Jamie Eason's live fit program and eating health(ier) and making better choices. Then I decided I would detox from my lifestyle meltdown, and drink a crap ton of veggies 3x a day and eat 1x a day (fish) well that totally last like 2 days then I had mexican food and a skinny mojito with my work peeps. So life is testing me because I am having such a hard time getting back on track. I lost all the water weight I gained from Valentines day to the last week of February (because I was totally pigging out and my hormones were OFF. THE. CHARTS. after my crazy 62 day cycle-- yes I said 62 days of hormonally cray cray Annie). I am looking forward to taking some me time this weekend to get my life right so I can re do phase 2

We're talking testing at the fertility clinic to get back on track-- blood work here and there...waiting on results....testing new products and such...and testing everything else under the sun to see why my body is defiant and hostile.

So that's what's going on. I am catching life at all angles right now and LIFE is testing me. I feel like, when looking back, I have failed the test-- I have been frustrated at work, cheated on my diet, negleted my charting and avoided finding out what the next step would be for our fertily. But when I take a moment to realize the baby steps I have taken, I noticed that I kind of aced the test.

I moved, started a new job, and had surgery all in the matter of 4 weeks. I adjusted and met new friends and continued to work out and eat health(ier) 80% of the time even though I was depressed while my husband worked nights and I worked days. My husband had surgery, we bought a car- which made up for him working nights, my dog nearly died--

******PUMP THE BREAKS---OMG I just busted out laughing at myself--- I sound like a bad country song LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as good news goes, I am looking forward to my new fertility plan: taking pregnitude 2x a day in my drink (probably will take it in my SPARK). This natural concoction will help regulate my hormones and will help my brain tell my ovaries what to do-- it can also help me lose weight-- the weight I should be losing for eating healthy and working out IF I don't cheat! I will also be taking compounded progesterone made with grapeseed oil via a 3 minute THICK shot on cyle days 18 20 and 22 (administered by my one and only). This will help to remind my ovaries to release the folicles that are growing! Hubby is also doing 100x's better at checking my charts and is the "sticker put on" personnel;he is also helping me remember to record my information. Hopefully my body will go back to normal. I got a fresh chart at the doctor. This will be my 3rd set of charts to complete

If my ovarian reserve test comes back with poor results, meaning my eggs are bad or old, or I do not have many left, we will jump right into the high powered drugs like we were doing in 2011 with self administered shots and HCG along with pregnatude and the Progesterone. If my ovarian reserve test comes back normal, we will give it a few months on just the natural stuff (the least amount of times I have to take fertility drugs, the better for my future).

If I do not have success by this summer, we are looking at a few options: ovarian reconstructive surgery or acceptance. And since we have been in a place of acceptance the last 6 months or so, I am sure we will live life to the fullest and see what God brings our way. It may be a trip to Rome or possibly a baby to adopt, but until we are there, in that moment, I can't say what we may do. All I know is we are happy and hopeful.

See, I think I did ace the test. I got through it. I held my head high. I learned something. I made it people. I survived. I am totally ready for a relaxing day at the beach, a spa day, summer workouts, a good run, (another skinny mojito would totally do just fine as well) but I survived!

I am taking it one test at a time. One moment at a time until I succeed. And I got a new hair cut....


In other MORE important news...

HAVE YOU SEEN MY MUSCLES? Yea. I'm kinda proud of them! Don't judge me- ALL teacher's live like this during the week-- the guest bathroom is a DISATER and cleaning waits until Saturday, or Sunday, or Spring Break :)

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  1. I never see you fail at any test. Also remember in life we always get a retake. Thank goodness for that. I pray for Cody and you everyday. I love and miss you so much also!