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Paleo & Weight Update

The holiday season is over! I have to back-track a little on the original Paleo Week 1 post.  After that week 1 post, Cody and I continued the Paleo lifestyle for about another week and a half and ran during that time too. Then we got sick. With the turn of fall and the cooler weather, the holiday mindset, and my major sinus infection, I didn't feel much like eating anything but fast foods and quick service take out! Being sick, I didn't have the strength to really run; I took a two week break (of which our 6th anniversary and Thanksgiving occurred)! I got back on track the week I returned to school from the Thanksgiving break and ran once and only did Paleo breakfast, lunch, and snacks-- dinner was a free for all mess (because my hubby was not wanting to do it with me-- I love blaming him sometimes lol). Then it was just excuse after excuse. It was too cold to run, I didn't feel good, there were too many treats to look forward to during the holiday-- Like GiGi's Cupcakes okay!
I did weigh frequently through the holiday break and I only went up 2 lbs. HEY that's a win in my book! I wasn't back up to the highest weight, so I felt some motivation stirring around New Year's Day!

Anyway, I am back on the Paleo bandwagon. We set it up to where we are allowed 1-2 cheats a week, and I think that is a "S. M. A. R. T. Goal" for getting healthy and losing the weight. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, Time bound).
As of right now, I am fluctuating in the mid to upper 180's--however last night at boot camp I weighed more, but I am telling myself that is after a full day of eating (that TOTALLY matters) first morning weight is what I go by!
I need to spend some time getting creative with my lunch plan, because I can see it getting old quick! But Here is what I did on Sunday: Meal Plan!

Mon-Wed Breakfast:
2 eggs, scrambled/2 pieces of bacon/ fruit

Mon-Wed Lunch:
2 cups of lettuce/Chicken Breast/Nuts/natural applesauce

Larabars, (fav this week is coconut cream pie), fruit, and sometimes I add a Naked (green machine) in the mix--        I am also known to emotionally eat pistachios!

Wednesday, I will cook for Thursday and Friday, bag food and bring to work!
The best part about Paleo...THERE IS NO COUNTING! I don't count calories, I don't count points, I don't count carbs, etc...and with running, the weight slips off. I can basically eat as much as I want (within reason) and still lose! It is a perfect eating plan in controlling my hormones with PCOS, because the foods are natural and don't cause blood sugar spikes! Paleo and running control my moods, ovulatory cycle, make me feel good, and help with my complexion because my hormones aren't off the the charts! In the few weeks that I committed to it the first time, I was pleased and I am looking forward to that "On Top of the World" feeling again! As of today, I'm needing a little motivation, and adjusting from the free for all diet. I am guessing my Saturday weigh in will give me that motivation!

The first run of the new year SUCKED! But I will be getting better soon! It has been a good 6 weeks since I had good run!
Weight Goals:
  • 6 week goal (February 16th)-- 15 lbs lost
  • 12 week goal (March 30th)--   30 lbs lost total.
  •  Vegas Vacation Goal: June 2013-- 40 lbs lost total.
Running Goals:
  • March 9th 2013 Gusher 5k 
  • Start training 5k to 10k
  • November 2013: 10k

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