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2013 Week 2 Success with Paleo

Okay! So This week I did not lose any weight. I ate the paleo lifestyle and had a 2 cheat meals. I was very bummed about my Saturday weigh in and then I saw this on a fb post from one fit widow! And I then decided that I am not going to let the scale bog me down and eventually "somethings gotta give" I am only 2 weeks into a lifetime, thus I referred to this post as a success too!

The reality is this: It took me many heart breaks, depressions, mistakes, stressful days at work, stressful days at home, infertility treatments, and disappointments as well as many celebrations, weekends out, and date nights to gain 50 lbs from my wedding day. So after two weeks of 90% clean eating and boot camp, I might start feeling better, but I can't expect a major loss. What I did lose, was depression. It seems now, after eating better and exercising at boot camp, my cloud is dissipating. Another success this week that I celebrated was putting on a pair of pants I bought when I started working at OHS. I was 171 pounds the day I walked in. Tuesday morning I was freaking out! Nothing to wear and I put those pants on! I zipped them up and almost walked out of the door-- they were just a tad too snug to wear for dress pants at work-- but give me a few more pounds or a few more workouts, and I will be sporting them! It was a success that last year at this time I was 193 pounds, and could not fit into anything. Even though I only dropped about 10 lbs, my body is changing. NO, I didn't lose this week, but I must be losing inches and gaining muscle because the pants are getting looser (even the jean capri's I just purchased at Kohl's!

Some neat things I ate week 2:

Almond Flour coated back strap with almond flour "gravy": YUM when everyone else was eating the real deal!

Almond milk poured over coconut flavored coffee (frozen in ice cubes) heat the ice for about 10 seconds, and pour almond milk! DELISH!

Bison Chili topped with veggie shreds or avocado slices:

Since Saturday's weigh in, I did eat paleo style over the 3 day weekend but got off track yesterday and today (week 3 actually). Paleo is expensive and sometimes that means if I am not prepared, I can't eat the way I am supposed to, or I just cannot afford to until we get paid and I can go to the store. I will not let that get me down. I have chosen this as a lifestyle and that means some days are going to rock, and some days I will make mistakes. Tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to change me, so "cheers" to getting back on track so that I can finish week 3 STRONG: eating Paleo 100% Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday-- It's all about choices and I better start making cleaner ones!

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