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Today is a New Day!

Today is a new day. It is time to answer the call and become the best version of yourself. I really liked the part of the video where Chrystalina talks about putting God off until a later time. Now is the time. We are not called to be perfect, we are called to be faithful, even when we don't FEEL like it. I am not on a soap box, believe me. I take this video as my own advice. But I can tell you this. With out my faith in God, my journey with infertility, my martial issues, broken friendships, and a stressful job would be much more difficult to overcome and bear if I didn't know he was carrying me. My strength literally comes from him. When I am broken it does't matter how many cupcakes I eat- I need to drive myself to adoration, lay prostrate on the floor and hand it to him. I continue my faith and walk with God even when I am mad or disappointed, when I am afraid and when I am doubtful- and I am those many many days. It is the one constant in my life, and it can be yours too.

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  1. Thank you! I needed to hear this today and everyday that the doubt starts to creep in. I need to remember that all will be well because God is in control. Love you sister!