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Ladies, ladies, (and any gentlemen too) where have I been you ask? OH my goodness! I have been so busy this cycle. This was my first medicated cycle after 24 cycles of being off BC and 21 cycles of really trying that I took 5mg of Femara on CD 3-7 a 10000 unit trigger on CD 13 and mini trigger of 2500 units of hcg on CD 20 and multiple pokes and prods, ultrasounds, and appointments the last 27 days.
I don’t ever think I have been to the doctor as much as I went this month, which, might I add, is semi difficult when starting back for the school year! The good Lord above did bless me with calm and respectful 10th graders this year so that is good news. Other than that I am on CD 27---sitting and waiting like a kid for the school bus (you know what I'm talking about—any car that turns that corner, any bubble or cramp felt below) I'm going crazy!---We went to the RE yesterday, but to no avail, I still have to wait until CD 31 for my blood test. FOOEY- I know, but that is what’s going on this month. Good news for the month- one big follicle grew from 14 mm to 19 in 2 days, ovulation did occur, and my surgery in July was a success- no bleeding because that darned cyst is GONE! Metformin is being nice to me and I have remembered all meds every day, except last night when I accidentally fell asleep at 9:00 pm watching tv with hubster. Other good news this cycle is that My BIRTHDAY is Sunday! I am ready for my B-day weekend. Pregnant or not, here I come! I'm either celebrating with baby, or celebrating with booze. Hey either way, it’s a positive! (yea right...can you hear me lying to myself?) I want it so bad, (not the margarita, the baby…well ---ok the margarita and the baby but that isn’t possible either way) I'm tired of WAITING darn it! As of today I am waiting on my second progesterone test to come back. If it is high enough, no more mini doses, if not, back to that darn hcg shot of another 2500 units and we all get to wait until Thursday 9/15/11 for answers then. (In case you are wondering why I can’t just take the normal suppository progesterone, we aren’t getting into that convo here) but I can’t! Prayers and luck please- andI’ll keep you posted!


  1. Yay Annie!!! Well I'm crossing fingers and toes that you get a BFP for your birthday! I can tell you from experience, and if I had to do it again, I'd definitely take getting the shot over the supps. They gave me an infection so bad and they are just nasty! The timing kind of works perfect though if you are pregnant with your school schedule, summer off with a baby?!

  2. Yes brandi! that is what i was thinking! perfect timing- hopefully it works out soon, if not this cycle. The thing i hated the most, was my attitude and hormanal reation from all the hormones!!!! Crying/screaming/depressed-- so glad im not on the prog. anymore and feeling better!!!! ill keep you posted.

  3. Just heard from the doc. My progesterone is 9.5- very low (needing it above 20) thus Im taking another 2500 units of HcG tonight and will find results out on Thursday 9/15/2011

  4. Love you girl! I was hoping you wouldn't have to take that shot :-( BOO! Well like you said..either way we are celebrating...either celebrating YOU or a BABY! Margarita or not there will be some fun to be had :-)

    P.S. I don't know half of what you said up there so I'm just sitting here nodding at my computer LMAO....I'm guessing I hope you get a BFP too LOL. If that means baby then- YES!

  5. Hey! You forgot something else the Good Lord blessed you with....

    A ROCK STAR for a teaching partner (who's been where you are)! ;-)

    Hang in there, honey....God is good ALL the time, and He is in control.