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Construction Zone...Detour Left

I've written this before in my life and I will write it again, because...I believe it. Here's what: I think often times in life we are on the right path, we are traveling at the right speed, and we even have the appropriate passengers in our vehicle. Sometimes (more often than not) we are traveling, unaware of the "construction zones" when we head out that morning, we don’t know (or even give ourselves enough drive time) to know that we have to travel through a construction zone. I hate pot holes, loud roads, and workers wasting my time in the morning when I am headed to work--- sometimes, I pass those workers and they have the audacity to be eating breakfast--not even working! Our lives are like that. We have these plans, this roadmap, we have that Garmin charged up and all the details typed in. Then we get this alarming interruption- construction zones. Our trip still has the same goal; however, in order to get there, we have to detour. Detours aren't fun; they waste my time, and frankly, they just about tick me off. (That’s because I am a pessimist). My husband wouldn’t look at it like that. He would say, "I’m glad we are in this detour, now I get to be with you longer." Or just to make me smile he would say, "Well, at least we get to see a new scenery this time!" That's why I love him-- he is the optimist in my pessimistic world. He is the pinch of sun on my always rainy day. Yet this is what I know-- I know my journey has a destination. I know who I want riding next to me. I know that there will be "construction zones" along the way, a little traffic, a wreck (or two) and we might run out of gas. I also know that, that is okay. What I don’t know is when we will have to detour, how long the detour will be, which hitchhikers we might pick up along the way, and where we will find help getting directions to get back on track. We are all on a journey- we are all headed somewhere. We will all have to take a detour once in a while. I believe that GOD allows for the detours because sometimes the construction zone would be too rough. Sometimes it looks like those workers in the construction zone aren’t working, but they are. What He’s doing is too difficult for our little vehicle of life to endure. We probably won't like going all around a major city to get to one town, but that's what needs to happen. Often times we are on our detour we realize the beauty of it; we are then grateful for it when we look back and see what we might have driven through—realizing we really AREN’T in control of everything.

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  1. For the longest way round is the shortest way home.