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Well...well, the "cat's out of the bag"--no pun intended! My PCOS diagnosis has been definitely confirmed. If I knew then, what I know now- all of my worries, weight gain, and workouts could have been "fixed". Let me take you down this messy road with a time line:
1. 2000- put on BC for not having a period/
2.2003-rapid weight gain, from 118-135 pounds- thyroid checked = normal tests/
3.2004 Joined WW, unsuccessful /
4. 2005-rapid weigh gain from 135-150 taking lots of college hours, got engaged /
5. 2006-got married, lost about 5 pounds, but had to work out all year and eat perfectly /
6. 2007- rapid weight gain, 150-165- thyroid checked again= normal tests/
7. 2008- lost about 10 pounds, going to the gym twice a day and eating only salads /
8. 2008- depression sets in (job related) rapid weigh gain from 155-170/
9. 2009- new job, new stress trying for a baby, got off BC and cant stop gaining weight, 170-180/
10. 2010- gained even more weight- now at 190, TTC for 9 months at this point, when I got off BC my periods went to a normal state, then in July, they stopped. Pregnancy test- negative after 60 days late. After months of not having a cycle, then starting in October, my body could not stop I had a period for about 65 days straight. I continued to go to the doctor for testing but they couldn't "find" anything, and well, at this point I was tired of paying Co-pays for "normalcy" /
11. Dec- 2010- 15 months of TTC, unsuccessful- testosterone testing.
Okay, so, you are all up-to-date! After this LONG journey of weight gain, depression, and overcoming depression, counseling, and TTC- (however not as long as some of you have been) I FINALLY have answers! I am so happy. In December, the doctor took one look at me and said, "I think you have PCOS." when she said it, everything clicked. Everything that happened to me in the last 10 years, made sense. For the next 3 weeks, I put my fingers to work on my iPhone and on the computer. I was glued to reading Internet responses and questions about PCOS; I then ventured to YouTube, where I discovered my hope. "akgirl26" a.k.a- WOW, answers. I was "addicted" to her videos. It seemed like what she was vloging about, I needed answers to! She was successful in a pregnancy after Clomid and Metformin, after years of infertility- so I had hope--Brandi-- Thank YOU so much for your story, you have helped me and kept me positive for the last month. After some research, I started praying that my doctor wouldn't just put me on Clomid to get pregnant and make me happy, but that she would put me on Metformin first, so I could finally lose weight, feel better, and actually ovulate-- and possibly get pregnant on my own, since 2010 was an "ovulation hiatus year for me! Okay, back to the story--I had the Testosterone Testing done at my OB/GYN, it came back 3 weeks later when hubby's testing came back. Testosterone was elevated- the doctor called, and decided to put me on METFORMIN! I took a sigh of relief. I could breath, I could conquer the world, I could actually believe that one day- I too, could have a baby in my belly. I started the Metformin tonight, so far, so good. I had actually been fasting for the last 13 days- I was doing a "Daniel fast" cleansing my body for the new year, in HOPES to lose weight. Even with eating only fruits, veggies, brown grains, no sugar, no art. sugar, no caffeine, no white starchy carbohydrates, and only water for 21 days, I DIDN'T LOSE A POUND. I was overwhelmed with content when she put me on Metformin- i just thought for a moment, that THIS DRUG could help me get down to a normal range, it will help me ovulate, it will help me not have acne, it will help my little bald spots on my head, it will help me! I know this has been a L O N G update, but I just wanted to share that my PCO-mesS is now, just PCOS.


  1. So sorry, i thought I posted a comment earlier! Thank you so much for your kind words! I always think of deleting my YT videos since people IRL don't know about the videos and I'm able to speak more openly because of that:) Isn't it amazing that with rapid weight gain the doctors just don't catch on that something is really wrong! Or stubborn weight loss. I'm so happy to see you are on your way to getting your body back and ready for a baby! I really think the metformin is the key to getting pregnant and my fingers are crossed that that proves true for you also!!

  2. Oh- your vlogs are so great! inspirational, espcially- when you are so positive and hopeful! Some of those YT vlogs are awful, but your's was great. You are relatable, personable, uplifting and humorous! I can't wait so hear more about your second time TTC!

  3. I am so happy for you sister that you have finally found your answers! I knew God would give them to you!

  4. alang, thanks for always listening to me girl- we def. need to schedule some girl time this week! I havent see you in forever :)

  5. Im glad that you have been able to get the answers you deserve. I hope that your bundle of joy comes very soon. I too have PCOS and struggle with weight-loss. Your words inspire me. Thank you!