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Dear Love,

8 years ago today it wasn't this cold out, but it was a beautiful fall day full of sunshine. 

I walked down the aisle to the sound of trumpets; it was gorgeous. At the end of my journey, you were there waiting for me with a half-smile-half teary-eyed look. 

Today marks 8 years as your wifey.  That's so weird to me- mainly because after 8 years of marriage and 15 years together, it's still just "us." I never it thought it would still be just me and you babe, but I'm so thankful it has been all these years. 

This year we decided to buy a mutual gift for our anniversary; probably an iPad or maybe a trip over the Christmas break- we aren't sure yet, but one thing I know for sure is how much a gift you've been to me babe. 

You've loved me when we first met 
And after 15 years 

You've loved me when I was unhealthy

And medium

You've loved me when I was thin

You've loved me as a young man

And you love me now as a grown 

You've loved me when I'm fancy 

And you've loved me when I'm down

You've loved me when I felt unloveable

And when when I feel unstoppable 

You loved me no matter my decisions 

And when I couldn't make one (especially about where to eat dinner) 

You loved me when we lived in our hometown 

And when we moved far away

You loved me when we tried for a baby 

And when I gave it up

You loved me through pain and heartache 

And you've loved me through tough love

You have loved me all these years and no matter what's going on, on the outside the one thing that's remained the same 

is how you look at WE and I see how wonderfully lucky I really am- if it is just you and me. 

I love you...

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