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SA Working Vaca

So hubby and I wanted to take a little vacation to San Antonio- it's so special there...but we didn't have the money this month. Lo and behold he was asked last week to go to San Antonio this week! Since I'm off for the summer I decided to tag along- that way when he gets off work we can explore the city! 

Duke and Ruby were excited to go bye bye yesterday- by had no clue it would be for 3.5 hrs- 
He was NOT happy with me when we arrived! 

We met Cody later in the afternoon after he got off of work and we headed to Rosario's Mexican restaurant. It came highly reccomended by his team member from here and BOY was is yummy 
I went balls to the wall like I do every vaca and had a sangria and fajitas! (Speaking of going over board I did it again tonight!-sheesh!) but this place had cool girly decor and I will def revisit 
This morning me and the babes slept in and it was nice to not have to take calls or meet appointments - no type of vaca! 
(Photo credit: sneaky Cody Castillo)

After we woke up and decided to get presentable I suprised the dogs....well I OWED the dogs a trip to petco from that horrible car ride yesterday- and we had fun 
Of course he wore yoda ears the ENTIRE time we were there and they ended up picking out the treats they wanted 
Ruby had a good time riding along
Then we got them some new harnesses- duke always had a collar but he chokes himself with excitement so I wanted to try it for him and he's doing pretty good 
He was MUCH happier after this bye bye 
And so was miss priss 
Cody walked in early today so we left to go to the river walk about 3:30 and had fun by making our first stop the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory! Chips, Kiwi, apricot, and pineapple are good dipped in chocolate 
Next we had to kick off our trip to the river with a tour of The Alamo
And had to (of course) ride the river boat tour 
And we ended dinner by going all out AGAIN - but this time at a river walk restaurant called:Boudro's. Heavenly and expensive... But worth it 

Over all the doggies are enjoying their stay
And so are we! Bye bye for now from San Antonio! 

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