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SA Working Vaca: Part II

Today was fun and full of exploring! The alarm went off at 6:30 this morning and we started our day! My morning consisted of follicles and fruit loops--I had a doctors appointment this morning in big ole SA and Cody had to take out the babies and get breakfast! Dr. Karges wanted a follow up ultrasound on one of my growing follicles so I found a NaPro doctor out here and they fit me right in this morning! After the appointment, I came back and the crew was cleaning up the breakfast all that was left was this:
Kid at heart... So it was good! (And sugary) :p

Some kid pushed all the elevator buttons when Cody got on... He looked at the kid and said, "REALLY!!???" When it got to the very next floor the kid took off running! Ha Ha Ha! That's what he would have done as a kid too! I just know it!!

Then I explored the city and got a mani and pedi 
It's really HOT pink but doesn't look like it from the pic! Both definitely needed! 
Cody was home when I returned (2:30 woohoo) so we got ready and headed out to the other four missions in San Antonio- we saw The Alamo the first day but wanted to see the others! We started at San José and it was gorgeous! 

Simply. Breathtaking! Loved this one! We spent about an hour at this mission.

Then we headed to Mission Conceptìon. It was a lot smaller but still beautiful:

It's so refreshing to be in a city and surrounded by your faith! We not only visited, we prayed and spent some time in quiet adoration!

We had to make 1 more mission before the close of day (5:00) so we sped over to Missiom San Juan- it seemed permanently closed but had some neat features, none the less!

Stations in the limestone 

And we ended our visit with a local favorite (per trip advisor) Big Bib BBQ- yum! 
They gave us 3 samples since we were newbies! Loaded potato casserole, sweet potato casserole, and chili beans! 

If you are ever a prisoner- I highly suggest getting the sweet potato casserole as your last meal- to DIE for (no pun intended lol)!!! I ordered it as a side to my brisket sandwhich and couldn't even finish my plate! So delish!!
Never quite looks as good as it tastes! 
It was a good thing we were in the hood- Cody loves kool-aid- made with an entire 5 lb bag of sugar- he had his choice of "red or purple" flavors lol 
(Red or purple is what the people at mcdonalds would call the flavored drinks when Cody worked there- it was always an inside joke between us)!!

Well that's all folks! Chao for now from San An! 

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