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Falling into Domestics

Happy fall, y'all! I have been very productive this October. I am so happy that I have been! I gave up Diet Cokes for 3 weeks (I am back to 1 a day) I started going to the gym at 5:30 each morning with my dear mom for 30 minutes of cardio, I have been cooking all meals (we have only eaten out three times this month), I have been super domestic (cleaning, scrubbing, organizing, and yes, baking). This past Sunday, as I was watching one of my all time favs The Secret Life of Bees I decided to pull out the ingredients for a Pumpkin Cheesecake! Holy DIE for delish! After cooling and waiting VERY patiently for 5 hours while it was in the fridge, I doused a piece with caramel and cool whip with sprinkled cinnamon....falling into the rich, creamy, sweet, and cozy goodness.....needless to say, I will be making that for the Thanksgiving dessert table this year! So what else have we been up guessed stuff. To keep it simple it is going really great this month! I am pleasantly surprised how smooth this month seems, how less stressed I am, and how positive too! Our Anniversary is coming up on November 18th...and I am hoping to go somewhere to get away! I would love to go to San Antonio for the weekend (it is so romantic there)! Oh yea, and I colored my hair a rich brown, with glazed highlights peeking through the bottom! I think fall is in full effect at Annie's house! I hope you are falling into something, and not too many pumpkin cheesecakes or anything (because New Year's Resolutions are right around the 10 weeks away!) Happy fall y'all! Click here for the pumpkin cheesecake recipe!


  1. Yummy!! That looks delicous Annie! Post a picture of your new hair, I want to see!!

  2. Girl, the cheesecake was delicious! Just wanted to say thanks for always being so welcoming and loving to me and my family! muah