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Husbands. They are the best. For the most part. I love my husband. I never really talk about him. So I decided that I will:
  • H-Holds me when I'm sad for no reason
  • U-understands why I am happy one minute and sad the next---updates my ipod
  • S-stands by all my decisions- good and bad- and secures my doubts
  • B-bakes dinner when I don't "feel" like being a "housewife" and whips up random goodness
  • A- always takes me into consideration when he makes family decisions for us
  • N-Never eats the last bite of a really good dish with out giving it to me (very important)---nurses me back to health--never doubts my intelligence
  • D- does dishes---does laundry---dries my tears---decorates outside for Christmas when he doesn't want to---dates me on the weekends---directs me when I am lost---decreases my stress!

He loves me for me- which means he loves me when I haven't washed my hair, He loves me when he comes home at 4:00 pm on a Saturday and I'm still in my PJ's. He loves me for my ignorance of geography- especially the locations of Alaska and Hawaii. He loves me for running the bank account down to 1.27 until pay day. He loves me for making excuses for everything I do in life, and most of all he loves me for what I used to be, what I have become, and what I will be in the future.

I love my hubby---CODY you are WONDERFUL & I love you.


  1. Oh, that is a really sweet post and yay for you for having such a cute husband! Can't wait to see those gorgeous babies you all make together:)

  2. Hey there, just found your blog. I love to support fellow PCOS gals. God bless your journey.

  3. Annie! I miss you, hope everything is okay and you are just taking a break:)