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Chic Retreat Bedroom Makeover...

Ok, Okay- I know, but after spring break, we have state testing and I have been a busy teacher these last few some sad news, my boston terrier, Katie, passed. I havent felt like blogging but I did finally feel like "doing" some tranforming, distressing, and redecorating! I had the help of my sisters A Lang and K Satsky and while our husbands where out serving on an ACTS retreat and serving the country... we secretly transformed my master bedroom! I call it country-chic! ------------------------------------------ My first boston baby, Duke- insisting that he be in the photos that auntie ang took the dresser before: not that chic... first we sanded, stained (Minwax Provential 211) and primed, primer had a hint of grey so that white wouldn't bleed through: then we did two coats- in Rapture Blue by Sherwin Williams, and distressed the edges after it dried. We went over the entire dresser with a Ralph Lauren mocha colored glaze: We painted the bedroom in "Wicker Basket" by Olympic, found at Lowes. We layerd a couple of coats because of those deeply textured walls...UHHH I thought we woudld never get it coverd! A beautiful chic retreat for only 90.00! It cant get more delicious thant that! I do have drop cloth curtains to add too, I am just waiting on my curtain rods!


  1. Hey Anna. This is Christopher. Bella's daddy! I am a blogger too so when I saw your post on fb I had to stop by and show some support. Nice room by the way! Tell Cody I said hello.

    Oh and just because I minored in English I figured I might point out that there are grammatical errors in the very sentence in which you tell us that you are "and" [sic] English teacher. :) Had to do it. I couldn't help myself. :)

    Oh and if you or Cody are interested, here is the link to my blog:

  2. GARZA! thanks so much...I never even saw that mistake.... you are too funny! I am changing it as we speak buddy! :)

    I will check out your blog today!

  3. It's adorable Annie - you did a great job. Thanks for the suggestions on my Living Room.

  4. Garza I am so glad you pointed that out! She corrects me all the time!!! That made my day.

  5. What a wonderful retreat...I love it! Beautiful colors!